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The logo is the graphic form of a name and consists of fonts or designs.

Every company, organization, association, etc. has a target group which approaches with various forms of advertising and promotion in order to increase sales, popularity and provide information for broad information.

But why do you need a logo? The main reason is that we have learned to recognize everything through visual stimuli and for a business the first visual stimulus to be recognized is the brand. This is the trademark that follows every advertising, every corporate publication and everything that is designed and implemented to reach the customer audience.



At ANGRY PARROT Creative Studio, we focus on the uniqueness of the design and the final product, since through the flexibility of the modern printing process we can reproduce unique prints of any form.

We design from simple invitations and single leaflets to corporate multi-page publications and business catalogs. We treat every job with special interest to turn our ideas into excellent results for our customers.

For high quality printing we work with the best printing houses in Greece. View indicative prints and order cards or brochures online.

Labels / Packaging

A special part of printings is the design of labels or whole packages. From very simple food labels to whole packages, we respond to the design with great flexibility while offering the presentation of the final product in a three-dimensional model with a photorealistic display. Thus, each of our customers can have a real image of the final product without having to make unnecessary preprints or expensive 3D models from 3d printers.


Corporate identity completes the graphic design approach to the image and philosophy of a business. Starting with the logo design, additional creative approaches complement the overall idea behind all the ads.

What does a corporate identity consist of? The additional creations that follow the company logo are: The business card / The mail envelope / The letterhead / The folder / The corporate form and the corporate website. Here we can add the graphic design approaches for the respective professional pages on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. since the trend for immediate information and advertising is now social media.



We all know that a website or an online store is displayed online via the internet on our computers or mobile phones. And of course, it’s not something printable. But why design?

Each corresponding application is created with different programming languages that require knowledge and time to have the ideal results. If we imagine a website as a house, it is impossible for the crews to start building without having the plans from the engineer. So the graphic designs are the ones that will guide the developers in the right steps for the creation of the respective project.

What does the design include?

For a complete project, specific design elements are required which we briefly mention: Fonts / Colors / Alignment / Canvas Dimension / Header-Footer / Home page / Service or product page / Service or product category page / Cart page, checkout and Thank you for e -shop / Contact page.

Each of the approaches is presented in the corresponding version for display on mobile devices, mainly smart phones. With the complete presentation of the drafts, the client has the opportunity to make any changes before the development and planning begins, avoiding delays and additional costs.


What are web banners and why are they needed?

We have all seen in various websites horizontal, vertical and square frames in which a business is advertised and redirected to the respective website of the advertised business. Corresponding frames can appear as google ads or even on social media.

These are the web banners and they play an important role in promoting the business.

An online store should be able to reach online and other potential customers in addition to those who may have searched for their store. In order to present their business so that the user visits their page, a smart and creative design is required that will catch the eye and will arouse the user’s interest. Whether it is an advertisement through google or facebook or a promotion on business guides and news websites, the right design is required that will bring the desired results.