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Terms of use


These terms of operation and use of the website are corporate binding rules, which are observed and imposed by the Company in providing the following information society services to users. These terms are fully compatible with applicable European and Greek law and the non-compliance of users of the website or third parties with them implies the removal of any liability of the Company in relation to any affected natural or legal persons. The users recognize the right of the Company to change the content of the website at any time without informing the users. However, the Company may not unilaterally modify the terms of the transactions, without the prior notification of the users through the Website. The user who visits the website acknowledges that he has read these terms, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them, both in the context of the contract drawn up by their acceptance, and in the context of his general obligation to comply with the law.


As in most sites on the internet, so on our website we use cookies, in order to identify the user and offer personalized services. Cookies are text files that are stored on the hard drive of each User and do not receive knowledge of any document or file from his computer. They are used to facilitate the user’s access to specific services of the Website, for statistical purposes, in order to determine the areas in which the Company’s services are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. The user can configure his server (browser) in such a way that either warns him about the use of cookies in specific services of the Website or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any case. In case the user of the specific services of the Website does not wish the use of cookies for his identification, he can not have further access to these services.


All content on the Website, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services, audio, video, names, logos, insignia, products and generally all files are copyrighted works, registered trademarks and trademarks of the Company or and its collaborators and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek and Community law as well as international conventions. Therefore, any copying, re-publishing, uploading, analogue / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, resale, creation of work or misleading the public, regarding the actual provider of the content of the Website, except and if permission has been granted by the creator.


The Company can not guarantee the delivery time of the ordered products. The Company reserves the right for any technical or typographical errors in the characteristics of the products that have escaped attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to any interruption of operation of the Website due to force majeure. In addition, the Company is only liable for fraud and gross negligence towards users in case of non-execution of the order or delayed delivery of the ordered products. Furthermore, it is reserved regarding the delivery time of the goods in cases of force majeure (eg bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.). The Company does not bear any responsibility, positive or negative, direct or indirect, that may arise from a lack of usability of the website as well as errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Website or the transmission of information through the internet. The Company is not responsible for technical problems that may occur to users during access and use of the Website, which are related to the compatibility of their infrastructure with it or with any “viruses” or other harmful components contained on the websites. The company is not responsible for typographical errors or other errors in the printed material as long as the customer has given the final approval for printing.


5.1. Terms of transaction
Our Website operates in accordance with the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on “Consumer Protection” as well as in accordance with the provisions of number Z-1 496/2000 on distance marketing of goods and services. The use of the services of the Website does not imply any additional charge beyond the current tariff regime for the general internet access that is paid to the competent third party providers only. The Company reserves the right to reserve or refuse to execute orders, as long as it notifies within a reasonable period of time the reasons for the relevant reservation or refusal. In case of any problem, complaint, observation, etc., that arises during the use of the Website, the user must immediately inform the Company.
5.2. Product Purchase Process Description
To purchase products from our Website, the following steps are followed: 1. Select specific product codes from the product catalog and place them in the Shopping Cart. 2. Fill in the order details, e.g. payment method, shipping address. 3. The overall picture of the order is inspected. 4. You accept the terms of use. 5. Give the final order of the order.
5.3. Product description / colors
The Company has made every effort to accurately display the true colors of the products, when they appear on the Website. Our Company is not responsible and does not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the display of product colors on the user’s computer screen as it depends on the characteristics of each screen and computer.
5.4. Electronic order filing
Your orders are archived electronically and you can, if you wish, be aware of the content of your order. The use of the website is the sole responsibility of the user. We are not responsible for the malicious intervention of third parties. The visitors of the website are committed that they will not harm third parties with malicious use of the Website and that they will not violate their personal data.
5.5. Product prices
The price of each product is listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product. The prices include the legal VAT. The Company reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.
5.6. Means of payment
You can pay for your order in any of the following ways:
a. Payment by Credit or Prepaid Card through the payment gateway of the National Bank:
b. Payment via Paypal.
c. Payment by deposit in a bank account
You can discount the order on the following Bank accounts:
-Alpha bank: ————
-National Bank: —-
-Piraeus Bank:—

5.7. Product delivery / Shipping costs
a. Products delivery:
The delivery of the ordered products takes place from Monday to Friday, within 2 – 7 working days from the date of submission of the order, to the address you have stated when filling in your details. The Company is not responsible in cases of delay or inability to deliver, which is due to reasons of force majeure (extreme weather events, strikes, etc.), but must inform you in order to state if you wish to complete the transaction under the new conditions. For products for which there is a limited stock from the suppliers, the delivery of the specific products may exceed 10 days, but in any case you will be informed immediately about the final delivery date.
b. Shipping charges:
Shipping costs are calculated after the completion of the order and you are informed by relevant email. The delivery of the products is done exclusively with a transport-shipping company.


In case of refusal to receive an order, the buyer is obliged to deposit the shipping costs. Angryparrot reserves the right not to place a customer order with a history of repeated denials, cancellations and / or returns.


Withdrawal / Return – Product Replacement
The company is not responsible for any discrepancies in the colors of the forms during the printing process. We make every effort to ensure the maximum possible fidelity of the print colors with the digital file, and we note that the digital color capture differs from screen to screen so there may be discrepancies in the final print. Therefore, as long as the color deviation does not exceed 10% of the digital file, the return of the products is not acceptable. The customer has the ability to return a product if and when there is a manufacturing defect or wear on the product material.


Users of our website are obliged not to use the website to send, publish or transmit any illegal message. Users are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account username and password. Also, they are solely responsible for the careful use of their account, the formal withdrawal from the account at the end of each year as well as any transaction performed from their account. Users must carefully check the information provided and the suitability of the products they wish to order before completing the transaction. Users are committed to faithfully follow the legislation regarding the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.


For any dispute arising from the use of the services or for any other reason between the user and the company, Greek law is applicable and the courts of Ioannina are competent. In the event of a dispute regarding the current terms of use between a user and the Company, the former is obliged, before initiating any legal action, to contact the Company within fifteen (15) days from the occurrence of the relevant events. Failure to comply with this term constitutes a breach of an essential contractual term entered into between the user and the company. The original text of these terms of use and operating regulations is the original text in the Greek language. The website also provides an official translation into English. In case of discrepancies, the Greek translation is followed. For any information, question, complaint, please use the “Contact” option.

10. Sending newsletters collects and processes e-mail addresses provided by users voluntarily after having previously accepted the Terms of Use of the website.

To send the newsletters we use only the information you have told us, ie your email and name, if you have registered it. We also keep your IP address. All procedures are in accordance with the new EU FTA and your files are protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The purpose of the processing is, exclusively, the sending to the users of newsletters, offers etc. of the COMPANY. processes this data until the user declares that he no longer wishes to send newsletters and requests his deletion from the relevant list, via email to or follows the automated procedure.